søndag den 17. december 2017

Last Climb - Leave It To Rot E.P. Out Now!

Uagh! Six raw tracks of Swedish crust mayhem is here!

Visit our Store to grap a copy, or get in touch for alternative solutions, trades or wholesale.

onsdag den 5. april 2017

Simulacro - S/T LP Out Now!

Straight form the streets of BCN, we bring you SIMULACRO!
Super catchy and melodic punkrock with no bullshit!

Available at our store, and fell free to get in touch for trading or wholesale.

mandag den 20. februar 2017

New Webshop Open!

Finally we got our new webshop up and running! Visit https://wargamerecords.bigcartel.com to buy releases and merch. More products will be added soon.

mandag den 19. december 2016


The ORDEAL - Indifference MC is finally out!
For orders, wholesales or trades, write Wargamerecords666(AT)gmail.com.

Let the punishment begin!

onsdag den 2. november 2016

So, the labels has been around for about 3 years now, and so far it's been a fun, but bumpy ride...

We've learned a lot, met tons of nice people, and released a bunch of cool tapes and a few vinyls as well, with great bands.

Right now we're working on making the label a bit more effective. First step is to open some sort of web-shop, which we're working on at the moment.

Also, we want to focus more on vinyls in the future. We still love tapes, but the work that goes into making tapes, versus the work of getting tapes distributed, doesn't always match.

We're still gonna be doing tapes thou, and we're very exited about our next release, the ORDEAL - Indifference MC!

See ya folks around!

torsdag den 15. september 2016

Ordeal - Indifference MC Out Next!


We're proud to announce, that next release will be the debut-tape with Jutland sludgies ORDEAL!

Check out their stuff on Bandcamp: https://byfire.bandcamp.com/

lørdag den 6. februar 2016

Sooo, as you've might have noticed, things have been running a bit slow lately. There's several reason for that. Mostly I've been very buissy with our new band, Plaguefiend, and also with the second edition of Frostbite Fest.

Besides this, I haven't received so many orders lately, with means that I'm stuck with a lot of releases, and no money to fund future ones. I'm currently working on rebooting the distro and putting up a web-shop, so hopefully things will change soon. I expect to bring the physical distro out a bit more this spring/summer, so look out for the Wargame Records banner at festivals and shows.

I'm currently NOT doing trades, unless we can meet up, or arrange some punk-mail, since the danish post-rates are killing my economy. But if you happen to be in Copenhagen, or has a friendly punk who is, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Some new releases will be out this spring as well, so stay charged!