fredag den 12. august 2022

Absolute Order? - Arrrgh E.P. Out Now!

 Time to pogo! The Barcelona UK82 outfit is back with a bang, bringing you 4 new songs of stompy punk as fuck!

tirsdag den 22. februar 2022

Socialstyrelsen - I Krossade Speglars Skärvor LP Out Now!

After a loong waiting time, the newest opus from Swedens Socialstyrelsen is finally out! 

14 new killer tracks of gloomy scandicrust, on a solid kängpunk fundament. Available on regular black wax or purple wax with black splatter.

torsdag den 23. december 2021


The Absolute Order? - Arrrgh E.P. has been submittet to the pressing plant, and will hopefully be out before the end of days..

Catchy and stompy UK82 punk from Barcelona.

Listen to the bands previous E.P. here.

tirsdag den 21. december 2021

Ungdomshuset Support Raffle

Once again the dark shadows of Corona has closed down our beloved venue, freespace and social center Ungdomshuset.

To raise money for costs during the lockdown, the house is doing a support raffle.

In the raffel you get a chance to win a lot of cool gifts from friends of the house, including 3 x giftbags from us.

To enter the raffle, go to the Gofundme Page.

- For each 50,- kr donation you will get a ticket for the raffle.

The winner will be found on the 7th of January, and after that you can pick up you price in the bookcafé in the house, or it will be sent to you, if you live outside of Copenhagen.

mandag den 18. oktober 2021

War Camp 3-Way Split MC Out Now!

Total Fucking Thrash Attack!

The War Camp 3-Way Split MC, featuring Brazilian crossover madmen D.F.C. and HCG, and Danish metalpunk warlords Bonejammer is out now! 

onsdag den 23. juni 2021

DemonGrinder - Grenades Don't Argue MC Out Now!

It's finally here! The cassette version of the 2019 self-released CD from Copenhagen-based rockers DemonGrinder. Containing 6 songs of whiskey-fueled rock'n'fucking roll, this is the perfect soundtrack for the long summernights! If you dig Motörhead-style rock'n'roll (and who doesn't?), make sure to grab a copy while supplies last!

tirsdag den 2. februar 2021

Upcoming Socialstyrelsen LP

We're super happy to announce, that we'll be taking part in releasing the next LP from Swedish D-beat/hardcore punx Socialstyrelsen. Hailing from Värmländ, Sweden, Socialstyrelsen plays dark and crusty D-beat infused hardcore, on a solid fundament of traditional kängpunk. If you dig stuff like Massmord, Personkrets 3:1 and Shades Of Grey, this is right up your alley!

Listen to their previous releases here