onsdag den 28. januar 2015

Hello fellow punx'n'drunx, here's a few updates:

First of all, we're working like madmen on the first edition FROSTBITE FEST. I'm not gonna do a huge sales speech here, but check for yourself: http://www.ungdomshuset.dk/kalender/2015/februar/loer-142-15.aspx

A lot of new titles has made it's way to the distro. I'm gonna add a distro section to the blog very soon as well.

On the release-front, a lot of things are happening. I'm still waiting for the COMMIE COWBOYS - Monster E.P. to come back from the pressing-plant, but while waiting, I'm working on a couple of tapes:

First one is a demo tape from a brand new K-town based sludge/doom band NETHER. With people from Swarm and Dark Matter on the line-up, expect nothing less that raw, misanthropic brutallity!

I'm looking forward to their debut-show in Ungdomshuset on the 27th of February, and I think you should too.

ILLIGAL TO EXIST will join the Wargame-camp as well, as soon as they finishes recording with their new drummer. Depressive 80's anarchopunk meets K-town HC, hell fucking yeah!

The Ladder To Hell Compilation is still in the making, but it's gonna be one nasty fucker.

Last thing, I'm teaming up with a bunch of other DIY labels to do a co-release on a 7 inch from PDX rawpunx DÖDLÄGE. Being a sucker for raw shit, I'm extremely exited about this one.

Stay pissed, stay punk!

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