lørdag den 6. februar 2016

Sooo, as you've might have noticed, things have been running a bit slow lately. There's several reason for that. Mostly I've been very buissy with our new band, Plaguefiend, and also with the second edition of Frostbite Fest.

Besides this, I haven't received so many orders lately, with means that I'm stuck with a lot of releases, and no money to fund future ones. I'm currently working on rebooting the distro and putting up a web-shop, so hopefully things will change soon. I expect to bring the physical distro out a bit more this spring/summer, so look out for the Wargame Records banner at festivals and shows.

I'm currently NOT doing trades, unless we can meet up, or arrange some punk-mail, since the danish post-rates are killing my economy. But if you happen to be in Copenhagen, or has a friendly punk who is, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Some new releases will be out this spring as well, so stay charged!

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