fredag den 5. september 2014

Lors Doukaiev Demo is Here!

We did a small run (50 copies) of the LORS DOUKAIEV demotape, just in time for GET IN THE PIT Festival! They're now available through our distro and the band. Great HC punk for the punks, with catchy tunes and fuck-you-attitude!

Also, the Diswolf demotape will hit the streets very, very soon. A few limited tour-editions were made for their Germany-tour last week, but the official release will be out next week, in time for their next show at Ungdomshuset.

Besides that, we got a Squat compilation-tape comming out soon. More info about that will come.

And yes, we know that we've kept you waiting for the Crematorium-tape in ages, but we promise that it'll be out VERY soon.

That's all folks...

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