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Diswolf - Demo + Squat The World Compilation is out!

Two more filthy tapes has seen the ugly surface...

First one is the Diswolf - Demo MC.  Six tracks of full-throttle, political D-beat mayhem. A fine mix of scandinavian anarchopunk, in vains of Paragraf 119 and Protestera, meeting raw and raging disbeat crust. The perfect soundtrack to armageddon!

Next one is a compilation-tape, featuring 18 bands from different countries, teaming up to show their support and solidarity for the squatting movement. Everything from pogo-appealing skapunk to crushing grindcore is represented on this tape. Originally intented be released during the Squatting Days in Hamburg, but due to the well-known punkrock planning, released at bit later, and now serving more as a timestamp for the current political DIY-scene.

Check the release section for a full band line-up.

Now, time for some gossip and rumours:

K-Town punks love festivals, no doubt about that!
And we love it so much, that we´ll never stop arranging more craziness for all you noise-crawing bastards out there.

You might know it, but if not, we're here to tell you, that our good friends in Danish Gindcore Family is throwing a two-day fest in the beginning of October. With a crazy line-up, and shows in two venues (Underwerket and Ungdomshuset), the framework is set for total destruction. We hope to see you all in the pit!

Besides this act of blasphemous hedonism, we're chosen to team up with the most scum-infested crusties in town, to create at mini-festival in the beginning of February 2015. The festival will mostly consist of heavy, crusty acts, celebrating the devastating sound of D-beat and stenchcore. The title of this little thing is FROSTBITE FEST, and we promise more info will be out soon.

On a short note, we've working on another compilation-tape, Ladder To Hell. This release will feature a brutal mix of danish acts, demonstrating just how ugly, loud and raw HC can be. Expect this rotten corpse to hit the gutter in the end of this year.
We're still missing a few bands, so maybe your awesome band is just what we need. We can't promise anything, but feel free to get in touch!

One last thing:

One mad punkrocker from the Wargame Records collective is putting up a little something in Ungdomshuset on the 12th of October. Nothing fancy, just a raw-as-fuck crustpunk massacre. Check the event on facebook, and more info on Ungdomshusets homepage.

Untill next time..

Stay Charged!

- Wargame Records

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