torsdag den 20. november 2014

U.D.S + Crematorium tapes out now!

Yes, that right!

Once again it's time for a double-release..

First on is a brutal piece of smoked-up grindcore! U.D.S from North West has recorded one of the most twisted tapes in a long time. Nothing is sacred, all bow down to the bloody altar of the bong!

Next one is the long-waited tape from K-town metalpunks Crematorium. Crust-infused thrashmetal, ready to drag your soul to hell and back!

See more info in the release-section.

Besides theese two acts of madness, I'm psyched to announce that the Commie Cowboys - Monster EP has been sent to the pressing-plant, and should arrive in a nearby future.

Also, a demotape from Northern Jutlands finest rawpunks, Claymore, will be out soon!

Stay Charged!

Cheers and beers - Wargame Records

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