fredag den 28. november 2014

A Few Updates

First of all, Diswolf and K-town anarchopunx, Illigal To Exist, is hitting the road for a show in Lübeck on the 13th. Wargame Records will be there as well, so if you wanna buy or trade from the distro withot crazy postal rates, this is a great opportunity. Here's the event on FB.

As mentioned before, we're throwing a one-day festival in Ungdomshuset on  the 14th of February. The line-up is a pretty solid mix of crust, grind, D-beat and HC. Don't miss out on this crazy event!
For more info check the event on FB and Ungdomshusets homepage.

On a short note, the Commie Cowboys - Monster EP will be here very soon.

Also, Within a few weeks the Claymore demotape will hit the streets.

Cheers and beers!

- Wargame Records

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